firebreak SERVICE

WA TreeWorks takes firebreak management very seriously. Overgrowth can be a major hazard during the heat of summer and bushfire season can be devastating to communities if they are not properly prepared. We specialise in fire mitgation services to keep your property safe. We have the experience and the right equipment to help protect your property against bushfire attack. 

 Firebreaks is a commonly used method to help stop a fire in its tracks. They are created by clearing vegetation to make a gap which a fire will theoretically not be able to leap over. They are intended to slow the progress of a fire allowing people to escape to safety and potentially minimising property damage.

 Creation of firebreaks often includes techniques designed to fight modern bushfires. In some cases firefighters take advantage of natural firebreaks, sometimes expanding them to ensure that they will be effective, and in other instances they quickly clear growth and plow up the land to create entirely new firebreaks.

 If you live in a rural area your fire department or council may have reminded you to clear grass, shrubs and other organic material away from your house to create a firebreak. In addition to protecting your home from fires, this will also help prevent rot, as plant material which is left in contact with the side of a home can create ideal conditions for mould, mildew and rot in the winter.

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