Block clearing SERVICE

In some cases our client may require a large block to be cleared for a new building or several acres of bushland cleared ready for major developments or firebreaks. This will often require a combination of climbing and dismantling certain trees around the boundaries and then clear felling the remainder. However, in order to process the material as efficiently as possible we will often use much larger machinery, some of which includes:

Excavators and loaders – these 20 ton excavators are fixed with grapples to pick up whole trees for stacking and processing, whilst the loaders can clean up the remainder. 

Forest mowers – like the name suggests these machines can quickly mow down small trees and scrub, mulching them up without damaging the roots of the larger trees around if necessary, leaving a parkland within a few hours.

Obviously this machinery is only for large scale land clearing since they require transportation costs and if the area involves only 10 to 30 trees, for example, we will often be able to process this with a standard 20 inch mobile wood chipper and winch setup. With a constant need for future development, land clearing is an essential service provided by WA TreeWorks.

We are able to provide the services of our 20 tonne excavator and 600 HP horizontal grinder to clear trees, roots and debris ready for further infrastructure. We have the capability to complete any clearing jobs.

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